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    HELP! Problems with iWeb and FTP servers
    Hi, I've been working on designing a website with iWeb '08. The website is for a club at school, so I have to use the server that we already use, which is globat. I published the website to a folder, and then uploaded that folder to the FTP server. When I try to preview the page it does not show up. The background color is there, but nothing else shows up.

    How do I fix this?

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    Have uploaded the actual folder to the directory or just the files inside the folder?

    In your home directory on your site, you should have 3 files:
    - assets.http/
    - index.html
    - yoursitename (a folder)

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    Last I checked Globat was a very fishy service. When I used them they told me hosting would cost one thing, actually signed me up before I consented, then billed me for several hundred dollars without my consent. Luckily I realized they were not sound quickly enough to cancel my card. But that was last year sometime. Perhaps they have changed their ways.

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    Well from the iWeb folder I uploaded the page "welcome.html" and then the server wouldn't let me upload the whole folder "welcome" that iweb makes, so I opened the folder and it let me select all of the files in the folder and upload them that way. So it seems like all the necessary information is there, but nothing shows up. I've read about people having problems with this version of iWeb and FTP servers, so I just don't know if the problem is fixable. I want to make the whole website with iWeb, but I also don't want to make it and then not be able to get it on the site and it be a waste.

    And unfortunately globat is the server that we have, and just renewed our registration, so looks like there's nothing I can do about that.

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