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    PHP mysql
    what settings to I need for php to work on my ibook. As if i write a php file and use the mysql_connect( " ?", "?","?") statement, what should these values be.

    What else needs to be done/ configure in order to host a site with database connectivity, and help wold be most appreciated as I haven't a clue really and am new to using mac's


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    I believe mysql default is root with no password, so you would need to update the user pass to something a bit more secure after you have everything setup.

    PHP should already be setup, you just need to start web services by going to Apple -> System Preferences -> Sharing -> and start Personal Web Sharing

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    PHP has to be enabled by editing the file at /etc/httpd/httpd.conf, you need to uncomment out the lines in regard to AddModule and LoadModule for php, just search PHP and you'll find it.

    OS X does not come with MySQL installed, you'll have to download it.

    The connect command will looks like: mysql_connect( "localhost", "username","password")

    username will be root unless you want to create a new one, that is default, your password defaults to nothing so you'll probably want to change it to something.

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