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    Decent website templates?
    Does anyone know a link to a site that has some decent website templates for dreamweaver? I just got my webhosting account and would like to start getting a webpage up and running.

    Looking for something casual in the mood as it will be for most likely a blog, screenshots and video edits from a game that I play, just pretty much a laid back site nothing fancy.

    All the template sites that I seem to be going seem to be just bad excuses to try and fill my computer up with some spyware goodness :headphone

    thanks in advance!

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    I've got some for sale. They are choices that clients didn't choose.

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    Open Source
    Quote Originally Posted by ChicoWeb
    I've got some for sale. They are choices that clients didn't choose.
    Try open source webdesign for some free (as in beer) templates....

    Actually their free as in air too!

    (BTW My first post!)



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    search google for "bloggers" ...there are plenty of good "blogger"

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