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Thread: iWeb and Other Web Designing Programmes

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    Question iWeb and Other Web Designing Programmes

    My First posting here
    Great forum from what I read, keep up the good work.

    My question:

    If I use iWeb to designa web-site, simple on with no log-in, just displaying my info on many pages, can I later use a web-based programme, say such as Go-Daddy or many other web-hosting companies offer, to add to or edit the original pages made with iWeb?

    I am told I may have to stick with iWeb or the "others", that I cannot change or add to without recreating from scratch my web site and uploading.

    Grateful for advice,

    Thank you and again, wonderful forum

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    I think the advice you have received is sound. iWeb creates complicated HTML upon publishing its pages. I doubt other web based tools would handle it.
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    Thank you, noted. But does this mean, really, that if you publish a web site with iWeb, you need to create a new one from scratch if you wish to change from Web to another web site creation programme? Wow ...

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    This is all relative to how much experience in HTML you have. If you can manage sifting through HTML to find your content, you should have no problem using a different website editing program. If you are unfamiliar with, and uncomfortable with editing HTML then yes, you will have difficulty using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) site designing program.

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