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Thread: Some Useful Info For iWeb Users!

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    Some Useful Info For iWeb Users!
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    I was directed to the this site the other day from a place im apart of, when asking a question & thought it was worth mentioning here.

    To keep it short, this will allow you to upload photos, update content, make clone pages, update links & so on, on the fly. So now you dont have to worry about re-uploading everything via FTP (So to speak). Seems very easy to use & the first 3 sites are free. Seems to be very promising! Being I know thing about code/script work yet, it makes life easier...

    Also, if you are wanting direct access to all your files easily to make changes, you could try using the FTP client ive been using for some time now.

    Anywho, heres the links & hopefully this helps someone out!

    Yummy FTP

    Page Lime

    Again, not affiliated, just sharing the info.

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    That looks very good. I won't be using it, however. I have my website at MobileMe, and it's right on my iDisk that shows up just like a drive in Finder. I don't need FTP anymore. I just drag and drop items up to the server the same way I'd put them in folders on any drive on my Mac.

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