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    re-associating web files to iweb
    I created a webpage using iweb (1.1.2) and uploaded to hosting company. Then my mac hard drive crashed and so I got a new drive. I was able to copy the website files from the hosting company server back to my mac through ftp.
    However I could not open them through iweb. iweb asks for me to start a new project.

    Is there a way to get iweb to read or recognize the html website files which I originally created using iweb? thanks in advance for any feedback

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    Oops! Though I had an answer for you but it won't work. Still pondering this one.

    OK, this might work. There's probably a better way, but I can't think of it. Open iWeb and create a new website and publish it to your Desktop. Then move the downloaded files into the new Desktop website. When you open iWeb again, it should load them all just as if you had created them in the new website. Then change the publishing instructions to save the new website to your online host server.

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    iWeb has its own structure. No you can't bring in HTML from a published site.

    P.S. Get a backup system in place.
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    I tried the suggestion from VegasGeorge but when I open iweb it still doesn't read the files I moved into a new website folder.

    If iweb does not open html from a published site, does anyone know of a program that may do this? thanks again for any feedback. And very good advice about backing up.

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