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    Oct 01, 2009
    iWeb Album not showing up in FF3
    Using FF 3.3.5 and I added a second album to my iWeb designed page and it doesn't show up, while the first one does. I found something in a search regarding a piece of Javascript that needs to be changed, but can't find the link for it. Both albums show up in Safari and Google's Chrome, so I'd guess its a FF problem. Can anyone help? Just a pain because I use FF more than the other two browsers. TIA
    Ps. Here's the link: These Old Jeep Photos

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    I'm able to see them! and im running firefox

    your right about the script though. I used to have the same problem until i installed a script for that and havent had a problem since...look up some keyword based on that issue and im sure you will find the article im talking about. good luck

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    LRR1215, are you using Firefox 3.3.5? Maybe I need an update? I'll check with Software Update, but I'm still not seeing the second album.

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    I'm not seeing anything - I get a 404. Have you removed everything?
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    Vansmith, nope, but I am fooling around while re-publishing which probably accounts for the 404. Sorry. Try again and I hopefully won't be in the middle of a re-publish.

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    I'm not sure that iyt had anything to do with it, but I renamed the page and now both albums show up :?: Oh well, as long as it works, thanks for the replies, guys.
    These Old Jeep Photos

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