So i had my website running nice and smooth, but being the dumb dumb i am, i decided to upgrade to iweb 09 and now im having issues. originally my website address was:
Welcome To Best Bet Camera Rentals

but when i installed i web 09, and published my website it has now turned into:
Welcome To

The weird thing is both of them are still active? I only want one site up on the internet. Preferably the first one i mentioned above, because it doesnt show the file name to my site. I've checked my FTP server, and there is no duplicate in web folders/files? Why is it that i have two sites? If i make changes to my site with iweb, the changes reflects in both sites? Like i said depending on what site you go to, the url address structure is different for each site?

Any information you guys can provide to help me out would greatly be appreciated. Like i said, i really only want one site up at a time and not 2 different ones with similar url's, iweb 09 sucks by the way!