Hey everyone I'm new to the forum so HELLO!

Here's my situation:

I am a musician, and I want to post full previews of my new record on my website-ok that's easy. I have gone into the Dream Weaver parameters of the QT audio file and I have kioskmode set to TRUE. On my web page the "SAVE AS" functions are disabled. Exactly what I want.

However, if you go to the same page with FireFox and have the Firebug plug-in running it will actually show you the file path. This is just a made up example link ex: www.mywebsite.com/announcements/audio/grace.mp3

Now if you open that link up in your your browser it will show the QT audio file except with the "SAVE AS" features available. Kioskmode is ignored.

My Problem is that I can't figure out how to disable the "SAVE AS" feature on that page root page.

Does anyone have any suggestions-ideas-fixes? Help-Please???

Many thanks in advance,


PS: Curse that Firebug plug-In!!!