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    Dec 08, 2009
    Angry dreamweaver site, own domain & mobileme hosting problems

    ok, so i've bought my own domain name (

    i have built a holding page/under construction page, in dreamweaver which i have uploaded to my host - MobileMe (the site is held in the Web/Sites/VisualGlu folder)

    i have gone to my domain host and asked the domain to forward visitors to Untitled Document

    i have also gone into my account settings and told mobile me about my personal domain ( and followed the steps to change the CNAME with my domain name hosts.

    ...but i cant for the life of me get it all to work!!!!! when the domain is visited a mobileme page comes up saying the site cannot be found

    hopefully im missing something very obvious but any help would be great guys thanks!

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    Dec 09, 2009
    THIS IS FOR GO DADDY Users / not sure who your domain name supplier is, but should have the same rules.. maybe some will help.
    also make sure your first page is always saved as index.html

    Open Iweb click File at top set up personal domain. follow instructions, after success
    go to go daddy, sign in.

    Click on your web site you bought it will take you to
    Domain management
    click the button that says forwarding.
    tick enable forwarding box
    put http://www. put your sites name in and choose 302

    OK your almost there. after you save it you go back to the domain management page look for CNAMES

    Click CNAMES a page will open up look to the far right it will say ADD NEW CNAMES

    Click ADD NEW CNAMES it will open up a little page saying

    enter an aliase:
    this is where you put in:
    whatever name you own!

    under that it will say "points to"
    put this in:

    give it 24 hours to connect

    If that does not work for you

    do it again but this time when you click add new cnames
    just put in www

    so it looks like this.
    enter an aliase: www
    points to :

    one of these will connect then you can just publish onto your mobile me,
    make sure your first page is titled index.html

    hope it helps

    angus cooney

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    Dec 08, 2009
    thank you very much mate!

    i was changing the DNS settings that were already defaulted to web,mac,com instead of adding a new rule


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