So I finally worked out how to improve my hits on my site but now my only problem is that I cant get any analytics service to work with my site. I've bought an analytics package with my domain host (uk2net) and copy/pasted the code into the correct location (using iweb SEO tool). I have viewed the resulting html of the pages and the code is there as it should be but it's not recording and data? I did try google analytics first but on there status page it came back with an error as there could locate the code on my site. I am only using iweb seo tool to add these codes as this seems to be the easiest option.
These are the details of my site:

Iweb design
hosted on mobileme using my own domain name through uk2net

Published site straight to mobile me then to local folder. I then use iweb seo tool and open the local folder and make the changes then publish back to mobileme using seo tool.

What am I doing wrong? Could somebody please have a look and tell me if I've done it wrong please?

My site is Tim Merritt Carpet Fitting Services Supplier & Fitter of Trade Price Flooring