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    How to register your website with Google?

    I am trying to register my website with Google, so that it comes up in searches easily. Can anyone advise me as to the best way to go about doing this? I have entered my site here: Add your URL to Google
    Also, any advice on registering my site with other search engines would be appreciated!
    Thanks for any input,


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    Google will automatically crawl for your website in time..the other search engines have similar URL submission places, but the spiders will find them in time. You will be visible to a targeted search in a couple of weeks.

    To get a higher page rating, you need to improve the number of external links pointing to your website..also having valid META info your website will also better characterize your website to Google and others and make you appear in searches..


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    Search for "search engine optimization" or "SEO"
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelguy View Post
    Search for "search engine optimization" or "SEO"
    You read my mind!
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    a must do is to register with DMOZ in the right category
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    If your using Iweb use Top Search Engine Rankings for Your iWeb Website | iWeb SEO Tool for Mac OS X
    I used it and im top of google for the content and search that I had in mind.
    It helps to have the right name for your site, the right description mata tags and people with the same content linking back to you.
    Also register with Google Webmaster Tools Open a free account and tell google to go out and look at your site it will give you a code put it in html and place in Iweb next to index, then click verify site, the bot will be sent and will returned with your site verified.

    angus cooney

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    Another good idea is to build a sitemap.xml. This will help the search engines better understand your sites structure.

    There are online tools for building a sitemap.xml automatically. You can then link your google webmaster account to your sitemap.xml. This will really help get the bots hitting your site, but you'll still need quality content to rank really well.

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