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    Hello Everyone,

    I`am thinking of making a Website for myself. The Problem is i know just little of HTML.
    So i searched for a programm that maybe helps me by making my website.
    I found some Website Builder that sounded really great. But in most of the times there was bad comments in forums or in different portals.

    Why are quit so much people against Website Builder? I mean some page who are built with an website builder are still looking great and when u put some time in it`s still looking nice.

    Can you maybe tell my why most of the people are that so against that?
    Or maybe some one has a nice builder that he can tell me.

    Thank you very much

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    They're against it because they are purists! And think that a website can only be good if it designed in notepad or equivalent!

    I would recommend iWeb if you are a beginner and just want to get a site up and running quickly and easily, or Dreamweaver if you are willing to learn a fairly advanced application for designing websites! Both do the job very well!

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    I've been looking into Squarespace for a photo website I'd like to build. The features are great. It's very WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) oriented. Very customizable, very clean and extremely easy to use. No knowledge of HTML or XHTML or CSS etc is needed, BUT.. if you do have such knowledge, you can also put it to use as well.

    I suggest checking it out.


    P.S. Oh.. and you can try Squaresoft free for 14 days. No credit card sign up necessary. And NO.. I don't work for them. They were recommended by a photographer on a Nikon forum I belong to. (nikon cafe)

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    forget the purists.....there are still people who want to operate computers using dos
    I use Rapidweaver, and I am happy with that as are my customers
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    All great suggestions! For the best looking and the easiest I say iWeb. Then there's also

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    Take a look at Freeway Pro
    Softpress: Powerful, easy to use web design software for Mac OS X

    Easy to 30 day trial. A dozen or so tutorials available (free) on Youtube.

    Not the most powerful program, but will get the job done. Personally I prefer Dreamweaver, but the again I can work with the HTML code if I need to, so I wanted that flexibility.

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    Some website builders add a whole bunch of code that is really unnecessary or written in an inefficient way. iWeb is notorious for this and once the site is designed, modifying it outside of iWeb can be a pain. For those of us who write stuff by hand as well, there is also a sense of accomplishment that you just don't get with iWeb.
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