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Thread: Apache on OS X

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    Apache on OS X

    If i enable web sharing on OS X, and put a site in the sites folder
    will it be only available over a Local Network or can it be visible
    by everyone over the internet??

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    It could be by everyone over the internet, but most router's have a built in firewall that does not allow that traffic coming in. You would need to talk to your router company to find out how to enable that.

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    if youre behind a router, all you have to do is forward port 80 to your local IP.

    i would suggest getting a dynamic domain name (, since your IP will be changed from time to time

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    How do you change the root directory in Apache? I design sites for a living and on windows I would use a "Personal Web Server" to test my sites before posting them....I found the apache help files and I can see the "temp" home page...but I am clueless where I can go to edit the directory root. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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