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    Designing a website for a bar/hotel
    Is it possible to design a website for a bar/hotel using Iweb?

    I want to be able to book rooms and pay using a credit card, or at the door. About fifteen rooms are needed, for up to a year in advance.

    How would you go about connecting Iweb to a database, when Ilife or IWorks don't have one? Would you use a spreadsheet?

    Could it be done in under two weeks, and work?


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    It sounds a little complex for iWed - Can you use DreamWeaver?
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    You can do it in iWeb, would be just like setting up any other website to collect payments. You would have to use another server/host like Godaddy as an example that has a database & use a hosted (Easier) shopping cart like Swreg (Not affiliated) as another example...

    Far as the design aspect of it all, long as you have something to create images & things of that nature, the possibilities are endless. If you need any help, would be glad to lend a helping hand!

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