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    Unhappy Setting up home web server using OS X Server 10.6
    I'm currently trying to set up a home web server using OS X Server 10.6, but I have no experience with things like this, so I'm a bit stuck. I've bought the OS X Server software, and a Static domain from my ISP (which I read I'd need).

    Next I need to register a domain name, but I'm not sure how to make this work with OS X Server. I'd also like to be able to use the server to host e-mail accounts (e.g. and need to know how to do this.

    So... how do I need to install and set up OS X Server to work as a web server (like that of a hosting company), with e-mail support? Please help if you can, as this is really frustrating me

    Thanks in advance,
    Angus Fretwell.

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    You have opened a can of worms for your self.

    First, most ISPs state in their agreements that they do not allow you to run services such as web servers and mail servers. They tend to block port numbers important to such services. There may be some tricks around this, but they are hassles at best.

    Buying a domain is easy. Check out Godaddy, EasyDNS, or the other million registers out there. Setting up the DNS entry to find your fixed IP address is pretty easy and those sites should have instructions. Mail may have some extra issues and you have to be careful with it so that the bad guys don't use it as a forwarding service.

    You should probably start by reading "Mac OSX Server v10.6 Getting Started". Searching Apple's site came up with several other documents of interest.
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    Your going to need a couple of things.

    1. You need to assign the Static IP they gave you to your computer.

    2. You need to go to a site like and register the ip address.

    3. You need to add the websites to your server and make the changes at the domain register.

    4. You need to make sure that your UPLOAD speed for the home internet connection can handle multiple people using the server. Your download speed is WAY different then your upload speed for home internet service.

    5. Lastly, you need to go to and sign up. They have the best tutorial on Leopard Server. Watch that and you will know OSX Server like the back of your hand.

    Good Luck!

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    I admire your ambition to cut out everyone else and do it yourself. It is rather easy once you get the hang of it. But with no experience working with a server. I'd say slow down. First read up, that getting started guide is a perfect 101 course. There are people who work with networks for a living and would still need help with this. I would see if there might be a respectable company that offers network solutions in your area, it may not really cost that much since you are just setting this up out of your home. Someone to talk to in the flesh makes a big difference. Just a suggestion though, that may not work best for you.

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    Read the guide first and foremost. If you plan to host the site at home on your server, and its a basic site such as straight html or php, and have a decent high speed connection you shouldnt have any issues.

    So register the site.

    I have used easydns for a couple of reasons:

    1. They offer ddns (many providers do nowadays), so you dont need a static public IP as your isp will most likely have you on DHCP. (your ISP should be able to sell you a static IP though)
    2. With the right DNS service, they offer a mail relay server, which will essentially accept all incoming mail on port 25 and relay it to you on another port such as 2525. Your mail server will than send outbound on port 2525 to the relay server, which will than forward it on port 25.
    3 If your ISP blocks port 80, they can redirect port 80 to another port your server is listening on.

    So I would think you need Apache 2.2, PHP 5.x if you'r doing any php pages, and mysql if your site has a database backend, and a mail server such as sendmail or postfix. I prefer postfix

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any assistance.
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    The biggest issue I have seen when hosting on a broadband connect is e-mail reliablity. Large e-mail carriers keep a database of IP addresses which are assigned to residential customers.

    One thing which can help...

    - Be sure to have your ISP assign a reverse DNS entry matching your e-mail domain. E-Mail servers do a reverse lookup on each message and if the name is generic the message gets flagged.

    Don't be discouraged! Running a server at home is a great way to learn the ropes. There is really no better way to learn.

    I manage thousands of websites across hundreds of servers. PM if you need help!

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