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    iWeb vs Rapidweaver vs Wordpress
    I want to create a website with a blog that has the ability to add comments and easily insert photos or video. I've been debating back and forth about using iWeb '09, Rapidweaver or Wordpress. Wordpress seems the most customizable but I'm somewhat intimidated how complicated it is to simply insert a video. Especially with iWeb's new features like custom domain name, simple insertion of pics and videos, plus Google Maps widget I'm seriously settling with iWeb, with the hopes that I don't outgrow it. I'm fairly computer savvy but know nothing about HTML hence my concern about user friendliness and convenience. Any advice would be most appreciated!


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    To me Rapidweaver is the best WYSIWYG web software out there. I use nothing else and I do a number of Commercial projects
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    Rapidweaver all the way.

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    Joomla or WordPress would be the best choices no doubt, but they can be a problem if you don't know HTML. Even RapidWeaver requires basic HTML knowledge. I'd go for iWeb since you want simplicity, despite the sub-par code it generates.

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    iWeb is a very simple option - IMO there is not alot of customization that can be done it iWeb, sadly.

    I use it and I like it for what it is but I also have RapidWeaver and althoguh I do not know HTML inside and out it still feels more powerful
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    Rapidweaver is better than iWeb... IMO. Used both but find Rapidweaver much simpler yet more advanced.

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    Thanks guys. It seems like a lot of people are gung ho for Wordpress, but for a complete newbie the learning curve seems higher than Rapidweaver. Also, I'm living in China and just realized that Wordpress is blocked here, so I guess Rapidweaver it is.

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    I just started using Wordpress & its not that hard to get going. I'm in the same boat as you, know my way around but when it comes to codes/scripts, I'm not the best.

    What I can say is Wordpress is actually fairly easy to get setup & there are many, many plugins that you can add on to make life easier. Also, depending on the theme/template you buy, it can also play apart in ease. Like, ive seen quite a few Wordpress themes that are just based around video, hence, whatever has been done/added to that theme will help you when uploading a movie/vid file. I would also spend the money on one instead of getting a freebie as you get great support. (Not saying you dont with freebies, but still)

    Personally, I think iWeb will workout just fine & you wont out grow it. I use iWeb for all my sites & have never ran across anything I cant do. But far as the blog goes that comes with iWeb, im not sure about being I use another host & FTP client & some features are not supported when you go that route.

    I say iWeb!!

    Hope that was of some help...

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    IMO all of these create unneeded codes, files, and directories. I always recommend bare code.
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