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    Help, guys who use safari as their main browser please go here and tell me if it looks like the snapshot below......

    picture one is Internet explorer, and is how it should look, picture 2 is a safari pic, and its all screwed up, Its one of my favorite sites on the web, and I spend countless hours there, and would really rather view it in Safari, I prefer not to use IE at all if I can get away with it.....

    Is this a browser problem or a website problem?
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    My safari looks like that. Try FireFox if you don't want to use IE (Which is a terrible broswer)
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    Ill assume then that it is a problem with the website and not my settings, Ill notify the webmaster there, Im sure he can come up with something, thanks

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    the thing is they are gonoing to build their site to work with IE over any other browser for the simple fact that it is the most used browser....

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    that is how i usually make my websites

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