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    Image Rotation Help
    Hi there

    I hope someone can help. I'm new to dreamweaver (don't know php etc just fiddle around with html but don't know code!) and need to know how to have a banner at the top of the home page change each time you visit the site.

    I don't want a flash banner that changes every 5 secs or so, I would like it to be a different banner image each time you viewed the home page like the following link...

    Hopefully there is a simple process/plugin/extension or something?


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    You need to load a .php script. Once you have that encoded into your page layout, then you will need to create a folder where you will place all of the images you want to load. Then upload that folder along with all of your other files when you go live. The .php script should pull the images from that folder. Every time you want to add or change the images, you can just upload to the folder.

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    Here's some info on a php rotator script Random Image Script — Matt Mullenweg
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    Thanks, I've managed to do it and it works a treat

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