i have been trying everything to get my website uploaded, searching through forums for 2 weeks now -- finally taken the plunge to seek some help, prob should have done this first???

i cannot connect using the ftp option through my rapidweaver site. when i use the mobile me option it connects no problem but my website is slow to view photos. (it then publishes over my already published iweb/mobile me site-------------

---------------even though i am trying to use a sub domian to connect too as i would like to keep my iweb site separate (one for teaching and one for personal) iweb - photography (i forwarded my mobile me address to go daddy and it works fine.

when i try and forward my rapid weaver site to go daddy as a sub domain it cannot find it -- the url (i'm not sure if i have the correct url)

when i try and publish through the ftp option in rapid weaver no matter what i enter i get an error message

please help and let me connect with 2 websites. i have also tried to use cyber duck but cannot connect with either no idea what to enter in the fields? i'm losing the will here!!!

i have now downloaded firefox ftp as heard it was easier to use but have no idea where to start.

when i tried to export my rapidweaver to a folder on my desktop to upload with an ftp program the website automatically exported to the internet and again replaced my i web site?!

basically what set up do i need for the 2 website --- to be seperate and not viewable though each other?? "usernames and servers and paths and url's" --- i am really confused.

i alsoi have adobe dreamweaver-- maybe i should try working with it but heard that it is much more difficult??

sorry for all the rant, hope it is somewhat clear?? any help would be appreciated.