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    Oct 05, 2009
    How to reset Apache WebServer
    Somehow there is a problem with my /Library/WebServer/Documents folder, where my apache webserver is.

    Is there a way to reset to it normal so that I can start using it again?


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    sudo /usr/sbin/apachectl restart
    from the command line..


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    Oct 05, 2009
    No, didn't work.

    How do I fix this:

    I saved a file called slideshow.php in the Server (Library/WebServer/Docs...),
    and then I deleted it because I didn't want it.

    But now, somehow, when I type in my localhost and browse to my server, the title is Slideshow, but it is just a blank screen. I can't access any of my php files; it is all just a blank screen. I have looked around and deleted everything with Slideshow in it. Still, I can't launch my php files.

    Can you help?

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