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    How Should People Enter My Website?
    When I first put up my website for critique most people didn't like the fact that I put a welcome page up. If not for a welcome page then how should people enter my site. Should they enter through one of my instructional pages? (I am teaching how to skateboard) Should I just put a welcome page up? What should my index page be? A welcome page or some other page?

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    It's all up to you. Your front page can be very standard or very unique. I suggest you look at others in your category or type and decide what you like and dislike.

    The one thing I think about when I go into a new site is how easy is it to find what I'm looking for. Also, when I find the content I'm looking for, I want few distractions reading it and good contrast. I've actually seen sites with green text on a green background! Keep that in mind when you draw yours out on paper first.
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    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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    Just have it be the main page of your website. No need to splash pages or anything like that.
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    Yeah, welcome pages keep people from drilling farther into your site.

    A welcome page that summarizes available content is better. You want to help visitors find the information they are looking for and entice them to look at content you are trying to promote.

    A splash page does neither, and just makes the user have to click one additional time. The last report I read said that most web visitors will give up after three clicks. You got three clicks to get them captivated in your site. Don't waste one on a splash/welcome page.


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    To quote the band Black Eyes Peas, "This is the now generation."

    People want instant gratification, they don't want to wait for a page to load. They don't have time. They want information to be readily available and easy to find.

    Need to keep this in mind for web design and pretty much anything that has large bits of information or things that need to convey a message. People don't want to over think.

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