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    Header Text / iWeb
    This is my first time using iWeb, although I've done many sites over the years. Does anybody have any idea how to remove the header text (short of doing it in html)...I've tried repeatedly highlighting the text box to delete it with no success.

    Now for the dumb question. I bought this MacBook Pro a few months ago but it's my first Mac in over twenty years. I can't even seem to FIND the files, even using the name of the file in Spotlight or anywhere... any idea where the default directory is for websites made in iWeb?

    Thanks so much for any suggestions or help.

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    I couldn't see a way to remove it or reduce the height. It seems to be built into the theme. I did make is zero width though effectively hiding the text.

    The place with iWeb stores its files are in your "Library/Application Support/iWeb" in a container folder called Domain.sites2. Although there is one third party application out there that affects iWeb content, don't even think of messing with it. Sorry, I don't recall the name of it, or at what step it affects the content.

    You can effectively have more than one version of Domain.sites2. iWeb will remember the last one it opened and double clicking on another one will open it.

    iWeb is a simple tool for people who have no clue how to build web sites, or for those who want to do very quick creations without wanting to do deep customizations. You can do a little.

    Spotlight may be excluding that content from it's indexing. I don't know, but a test search I did, didn't find my iWeb project file either.
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    Thanks....I appreciate the response!

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    In iWeb 3, in the inspector pallette, the page button, under page there are buttons to deselect to make it go away. I have not figured out how to change the font or the size of the type however.

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