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    IE browser compatibility
    can you guys help me out.

    im in production with this site and thought it was all sweet..just waiting on content and some touch ups but i checked the site to see if it was multiple browser compatible and it messes up in IE in both mac and pc. It works fine in safari and mozilla (pc & mac)
    is there anything i can do or change?

    the url is
    the css file is at

    basically the content box is not fully in view and also i have another css query.
    in the products page where the content is more than the div..i have a scroll:auto; going on and when i pad or margin bottom it just messes up the divs.

    any ideas? thanks.

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    Yah, validate your html at

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    I am shocked that it messes up in IE. Usually it's the other way around with sites. IE is fine and everything else is wrong.

    I checked it in Opera and it looks just like in IE with that picture cut in half. I will look over the code later and see if I can spot anything.

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    thanks guys.

    i am going to see if its vaLIDADED now.
    will tell u how it went

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    it validates for css, the only concern was that in my font-family i only have one font.
    page not valid html cos i use a height value in the table..i dont see why not though...

    nothing relates to the divs and padding though..
    cos when i was creating i was previewing to make sure it all looked ok in

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    The Internet Explorer on Mac
    I'm experiencing a similar situation whilst programming a website with PHP and mySQL. This website works 150% using the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape on my Windows machine, and works even better on my Mac using Safari, Firefox and Netscape. Even Mozilla on Linux works fine. Only the IE on my Mac couldn't interpret the layout properly.

    If your web site works perfectly in the top four browsers on windows, and on the native apple browsers like Safari, then you're good! I wouldn't worry too much about it not working with IE.


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