Hi everyone, this is my first post, I'm very new to MAC's, & iweb & web design & would appreciate any help or direction where to get help on the following issues.

I made a bilingual website (the menus change language depending on language selection), i have a picture gallery on the website, i've stored pictures as a slideshow on a page made in english, but if someone views my website in french & clicks on my portfolio button, i setup a hyperlink for it to redirect user to english portfolio page but i would like the navigation menu buttons i've created to change/stay as french menu.......... does anyone have some type of "on click" type code i could add as a snippet to make this happen ?

Question # 2:
as i will be posting/removing pictures often, do i have to continually add them to the slideshow that i've created on my "portfolio" page, then publish to a folder, then upload via FTP or is there another simpler way to manage my pictures?

Question # 3:
when i uploaded website to a non mobile me server, is it ok to keep all the folders that are named the same as the pages in the website?

Question # 4:
i've read that iweb blog comments won't work outside of mobile me, i tried to figure out joomla to add wordpress but havn't figured out how to create template of website via joomla to then merge wordpress blog into it........i'm confused with it all & OVERWHELMED a bit........ any help would be appreciated regarding this

i came across this other solution & was wondering if any of you mac genius programmers approve of the following method or see any problems it could cause, Best Solution... ever
if the suggestion link above actually works, do i have to setup a mySQL db in CPANEL to store the blog comments....

*****It's been a frustrating week sitting in front of the mac & I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE *******