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    Angry .htaccess, apache and Firefox. Is it war?
    Hello again!

    Still having a few headaches with the site I am building and password protecting various different client directories.

    Everything seems to be working alright in Safari. At the moment I only have 2 separate clients directories, each with it's own .htaccess file which links to it's own .htpasswd file. The idea is, that this number will increase as time goes on, but each time the files will be unique to that particular area.

    As I use Safari myself I didn't notice a problem until the client brought it up. Yay!

    In Firefox, then I try to log in to one client directory (AuthName area A), it all starts fine, with the prompt box coming up. I enter all the details (and these details work fine on Safari), but instead of logging me in, the prompt box immediately reappears again. However, what's even weirder is that the prompt box is now prompting me for the other client directory (AuthName area B) when there are absolutely no links to the 2 directories at all!

    So it seems to be reading another .htaccess file which it is not being prompted to do...... which makes me feel like my mac is in fact Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey!

    Any ideas why this is just in Firefox? I'm horrendously confused!

    Many thanks in advance.

    All the best

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    That IS odd...

    Could you post your exact htaccess/htpasswd config here? You can change the usernames/passwords for privacy.

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    Also, are you using virtual host names?
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