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    Images won't appear?
    On my first website that I am making RSSkateboard- Home
    My images will not show up. I have an image of a skateboard and it won't show up and I have a background image that won't show up. I coded it and then looked at design view in Dreamweaver and my images showed up but now they won't when I put the site online. I had a root directory and then I put the images in images folder in the root directory folder. I changed the links and everything but they STILL won't work. Can you guys help me out?

    Troublesome code with the pictures:

    1.body {
    background-image: url(Images/bluepurplestripe.gif)

    2.<img src="Images/skateboard.jpg" alt="Skateboard" width="250" height="200" align="middle" />

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    It sounds a little like the way the site has been uploaded. If it looks ok in design view in Dreamweaver, did you then do a test check (preview in a browser) before uploading?

    When you uploaded, did you do it via dreaweaver or manually into your host control panel.

    The code for the skateboard.jpg seems ok, so it would suggest that the image is possibly in the wrong place.....

    ....erm also, just a thought. You might want to check that it's not the capital letter of the images folder that's screwing this around. I tend to save all my directories and files in lower case as some hosts/ browsers get a bit funny with that. If you change your images folder from "Images" to "images" - see if that makes a difference.

    Let us know if that helps...... you'll get there.

    All the best

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    try re-uploading the site, when I load it I briefly see a image missing icon before it just dissappears .. so you either have your path incorrect, different format (maybe you got .gif instead of .jpg?) or just an error during upload

    I know it's none of my business, but that doesn't look anything like a skateboarding site ... no that there are any limits though ... but it looks more like a site for a 10year old girl where she would shop for a new barbie and ken and I do realize I'm being rude so I appologize

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