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    Java problem...I think???
    I very recently switched to Mac. I do like it very much. I do have one problem though. And it's pretty major for me. I ship online using USPS. After filling out all of the shipping info, I'm prompted to print my label. When I click "print label", a new window appears for my printer options that has yet another button to click for printing, just like it's suppose to. Within a second after this printer window appears another window (from the USPS site) appears asking me to click cancel if the label doesn't print correctly and continue if it does. The problem is, this USPS window, once it pops up will not allow me the click print in the printer window. It simply makes the other windows unavalible. On my windows machine this all worked basically the same way, but, I could still click on the printer window and make it active, allowing me the print the label. Then, after I printed the label, I could click the continue button in the USPS window and everything was just fine.
    If anyone has a fix for this problem or able to point out where I'm over looking something I would certainly be grateful as this is a major problem for me. Thank you in advance!


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    Try out a different web browser to see if it is related to what you are using has FireFox, Camino and Mozilla (all free) OmniWeb
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    Actually I have tried Modzilla, Safari, and Explorer. Same problem with each one. Thanks though.

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    My Bad... I tried Firefox, (thought I did) and it worked. Thanks.

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