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    iWeb page not showing up
    I created a site in iWeb and have been trying to get it online. Because I'm going with a different server than .mac, I published to a folder on my desktop, then used CyberDuck to get it to the server. So far, so good.

    Problem is, when I go to view the site, I keep getting a "Forbidden Error 404 File not found" message. When I've contacted the support staff at the server site (, they say they can see it just fine. But apparently no one else can, because I've since had 2 friends look it up (on totally different IP addresses and with different search engines) and it didn't work for either of them.

    Yesterday, I tried it on Safari instead of Firefox and it worked. Until I updated the site, and then I got the same message again. For a while, it worked on Firefox if it was just, with no www. in front, but then I updated and again, it stopped working.

    The support staff think it's related to the use of capital letters in my file names, but I don't think I can fix that, since most of them are capitalized automatically in iWeb. I've been trying to sort this out for 2 weeks and am losing patience....

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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    My suggestion is not to use iWeb. I used it to make a site a while back and it was a total pain. iWeb generally makes a mess of things. My suggestion is to use RapidWeaver or even write bare HTML codes.
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    Looks like you got it working, if you are referring to littlefish. I have no trouble with Safari or Firefox. Also I can use or exclude the 'www' part of the URL. Firefox does display the index text small and weird compared to Safari, but does work.

    By the way, the 404 error comes from the server. Perhaps some weird character was in some of your page titles that affected what the browser passed to the server. I had some kind of problem like that. It was so long ago, I can't remember the details.

    Also, I can't see that the capital letters would be a problem either. I have a site with one creation using iWeb that uses capitals and it works fine. The first file in an iWeb hierarchy is index.html, which points to another page that the web browser ends up opening and navigating to. See the following link for what I mean. Even though I use index.html below, you end up and Welcome.html instead.

    Lastly, the obvious. On my current host the current top level of my site is a folder called www. If was was to create my entire site via iWeb, I would navigate to that folder using Cyberduck via a double click, and then drag all of the content inside of the folder that iWeb created to that location. iWeb 09 can post directly to your site via FTP.
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    i would use a program called nvu completely free but if you want to use iweb try opening a free account on a different server to see if it is the servers problem

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