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    iweb alternative for more complex site?
    Hi to all & thanks for any help you can provide.

    I 'm looking for an application as easy as iweb to build my site with as I don't know how to write the codes for html. I have been introduced to joomla but compared to iweb, its a heavy drag.

    iWeb is easy enough but I don't know how to get around 2 problems I can see at the front end:

    Its not flexible enough... I intend to build a commercial site with a database, merchant/store/paypal (means to pay) & basically it will be a membership only website with a couple of free/public pages & then the content they are seeking (I am a consultant)... available after paying online for a membership.

    The other big problem with using iweb is that: I want the videos I put up to be available to everyone... not just those with quicktime... so I intend to make it available in flv.

    I really don't know if what I'm looking for even exists but I'd appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction.

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    RE: iweb alternative for more complex site?
    Hi newtoallthis,

    Your not going to like this much but here goes.
    What you're looking for doesn't really exist. Tools like Joomla, Drupal and wordpress are really good at what they do but thye won't do that. I'd personally go for Wordpress as it's the easiest to set up and use.
    Problem being is that what you're looking for in the database and payment gateway support isn't supported in any of these tools or anything like it. It's too specific.
    These kind of features are generally hand coded or are using other tools specific to that task like foxy cart is a really easy to use cart system. You'll still need to know how to code in HTML and a bit of JavaScript.

    To simplify what you need is a web developer. There isn't a great big button that says magic me up a site.

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    You're asking for too much of an easy to use program. You are going to have to do one of two things:
    1. Find templates or already coded software to handle what you require. While this will prevent you from coding, you will have to learn more about web development to set these up and maintain them properly. On top of this, you may have to pay for these packages.
    2. Learn to code and develop your own systems. While this can take longer and requires some learning, you will be able to customize everything to your needs.

    iWeb is very limited (as you have learned). To do what you want, you are going to have to learn some new things about web dev/design.
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    Probably your best option is a program like Freeway

    If you want your own Database then that becomes a server issue and will likely require the help of a developer

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    You can try Rapid weaver. Dreamweaver is also another alternative. I can honestly say that I'm really spoiled ever since I started using it because I hardly have to look at the coding, unless something goes horribly wrong. Which doesn't happen very often.

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    I'd say you should probably write your own HTML codes
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    hmm. This is a tough one. Perhaps a biased view as a web developer, but for exactly what you want. you will find a developer the easiest route. Some payment gateways, particularly PayPal are simple to set up, but secure user management is a tricky one requiring complex coding to set up with a database. Personally, I'd use Joomla. Being open source, there is loads of good and free support and tutorials about, and if you don't mind paying, training is what I used to learn web development. PayPal gateways are available through the extensions library, and the user management is built in. A good template will be needed, Joomla comes with 4 very good ones, and more are available online. Another option is to have a custom one made, either by yourself (but HTML and CSS knowledge is required) or to hire a developer. The costs associated with this will vary depending on the developer and the project requirements. I am reluctant to write much more about hiring a developer, as I am one and don't want to be seen as advertising. (just to reenforce this point, I tend to support local businesses to me, so you are out of my catchment area. If you do need a developer, use a local one. Face to face meetings are much better, and you will probably be happier than if you used a remote developer. This is simply feedback form my own customers). A medium between these options are sites where you can buy pre-made templates and they will customise them for you. I have never used a site so can't recommend a good one.

    I hope this helps, and everything is clear! In short, a more in depth version of iWeb there isn't.

    As always, the recommendations in this post are based on my own experience, and aren't intended as anything more than this.
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    Simple...go to Build a Website - Squarespace Thats what I use, and from what you said in your post, its exactly what you need. This website (Blog - The Geeks Palace) is built using squarespace. Hope this helps.
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