Iím applying opacity settings via the inspector to images, colour filled shapes and text on a couple of sites built in iweb08 on my MacPro.

Iím publishing to a folder and uploading to a remote server via Fetch on my Mac or transferring the files to my PC and uploading via Cute FTP 8 Professional. (The problem still exists whichever platform I upload from.)

When I visit the sites on my Mac (Safari 3.2.1) Ė locally or up on the remote server - the opacity values display just as Iíve set them.

When I go view the sites via Internet Explorer (version 7) on my PC Ė locally or up on the remote server - the opacity settings are completely ignored and display at 100% in every case.

GreenFrog Services
The larger frogs should appear solid at the bottom of the page and gradually get more transparent as they get smaller towards the top of the page.

Silver Lane Wedding Cars - fine, chauffeur driven British cars for special occasions
The menu bar at the top of each page should be a transparent grey so you can see the background texture, not a solid grey.

Iíve also had a problem with the reflection setting. When I published the greenfrogradio.com site I originally reflected the images via iwebís inspector. When testing the site, I visited it from a friendís PC and the images were duplicated instead of being reflected! Instead of relying on the iweb reflection setting Iíve now replaced those images with an image Iíve reflected myself in Photoshop.

Anyone else come across these issues? Any advice or suggestions on how I might get around them, especially the opacity one, would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.