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    File sharing, drops halfway through: "do not have sufficient privileges"
    idk if this is the right place for this but I need help with file sharing between two networks.

    Basically, I have a computer at work setup for file sharing with port forwarding setup on the router. From home I simply hit cmd+k on the finder (connect to server) and type in the public ip address for the network at work. The router then forwards me to the computer I need to access and I log in with the administrator account.

    Now, accessing the files on the computer is no problem. The problem comes in when I actually start retrieving files. The start to download and get about half way done before stopping and saying something about not having "sufficient privileges". I then hit ok and get a second error window with "error code -36". When I hit ok on this one, finder seems to crash/relaunch. Anyone know why I can't get this file share to work? it works fine from within network and I have full admin access. Also, none of the files are locked or anything... thanks

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    Do a chmod -R 777 on the source and destination directory, that should fix it.

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