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    Forms - submitting information
    Basically what I want to do is set up a form in html that when the user clicks the submit button, all of the information is saved in a file to a folder on my computer. I've set up the folder to be accessed by the web, but not sure how to save the information to that folder. Please let me know if further description is needed. Thanks!!

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    you can use javascrip to write anythng to a simple file, have a look at this link:
    How to read and write files in JavaScript

    just a random search, but it covers the idea of writing to a file with JS

    then you just need a listener for your button, preferably added with a script, or just use the onsubmit="" option

    (I should add since it's not a mac specific issue, you might want to post on some web page/html forum you would definitely get more hits)

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    forget saving it try emailing it
    <input type="text"></input>
    <input value='send' type="submit" onsubmit=""></input>

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