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    Ruby on Rails
    I've heard much about Ruby on Rails, both bad and good. Its efficiency seems unparalleled, which is attractive to me as a busy student. The framework seems perfect for what I want to do: developing dynamic web applications. Yet, those who favor other scripting languages--namely PHP--seem to think that it is the wrong choice for a first 'real' programming language. What do you think?

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    'Real' is a very subjective term in this context and you will hear quasi-religious arguments for days on end in one camp or another. I guess the thing to keep in mind is that 'Rails' is a framework for developing web based applications and involves more than just the Ruby language itself.

    Often times I recommend to beginners of a new language to learn the language itself before attempting to tackle any sort of distributed framework. Getting the fundamentals down is extremely important before jumping into the other technologies where that language is used to enable web/distributed applications.

    Having said that, Ruby is as much a 'real' language as Python, PHP etc so don't let arguments (non arguments IMO) encourage you one way or another.

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    So would learning Ruby first, existential from Rails, be more advisable?

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    Yes. Again, Rails is a framework designed to support rapid web application development. Ruby is the underlying language. Of course, some of this is dependent on 'how you learn', but for me, I always find it helpful to start by getting a good grasp of the fundamentals.

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