I published my first site and then I made some additional edits after publishing it.
After the initial FTP to my hosting site, I keep getting message stating "the directory/path is not found". I verified all my settings and they are correct.

Due to that issue, I decided to publish to a folder and then FTP to my hosting account. Again, when I published my site everything went ok, but then I need to make a few more edits.

I deleted all the files off of my hosting site and off of my initial folder that I publish to. When I re-published my files, it does not publish everything. I no longer have a "scripts" folder (which I believe is necessary). I also do not have any index.html file.

Does anyone know how to get my site re-published to where all scripts and files exist? It appears only some of the content is there but not all when I click on the .html files. iWeb displays the site perfectly, but going to the actual files is very different.