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    Off topic possibly, but you dont play Xbox Live by any chance do you?!
    If not, there is more than one 'swart' in the world..

    EDIT: Just checked the whois, I am indeed mistaken.
    Good luck with the site

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    I'll make it clear now, I have year of experience in web design, having started out myself using Dreamweaver I would suggest that nobody touches it.

    Hand coding XHTML and CSS is the way foreword. I would suggest that you start "BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE THE RIGHT WAT USING HTML AND CSS" by Ian Lloyd, it is a truly brilliant book that will show you what to do, step by step.

    As for a Forum, I would suggest the latest release of BBPress. Excellent forums, built by the same guys as Wordpress with plenty of plugins, it will do just about anything with the right plugin, and best of all it is all open-source.
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    hi use nvu free program no restrictions no code needed even though it would help and if u dont want to go into depths with html php and server side commands i would suggest searching for a forum host

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