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    Website only Partially Published Using iWeb and FTP settings
    Hello to all,

    I created a website on iWeb to be published to my domain name hosted by Yahoo Small Business. The website is 16 pages with several small photos (less than 100 kb each). I have the FTP settings from Yahoo. I test the connection through iWeb and it shows the connection and settings are fine.

    However, when I publish through iWeb (click on 'publish entire site' or 'publish site changes'), the site is only partially published. What happens is that the time wheel on iWeb turns to about 75% and then stops publishing, resulting in an error message 'there was a problem communicating with the FTP server. Please try again later or contact your service provider,' and a partially published website.

    I tried to investigate the problem on the Yahoo site help as well as talking to Yahoo, but so far have not been able to solve the matter. I even tried to change host names (there are two hosts provided by Yahoo), but that did not work either.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks is advance........

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    Try publishing to a folder on your desktop, then use an FTP program like CyberDuck (Free online) to put it up. For some reason, other sites don't like to go direct from iWeb, even with the FTP.

    Good luck!

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