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    Help Building A Indie Music Web Site
    My name is Richard. I am trying to get clear on what steps I should take to build a website for my independent record Company. Currently I am pretty "green" when it comes to understanding Websites etc..What steps do I need to take and which companies/products would you recommend I work with i.e
    1) Domain name
    2) Web Site Hosting
    3) Actual Building of website: Rapid Weaver?
    (From what I've read about rapid weaver, one can get a good looking site with little experience and knowledge of HTML/CSS).
    4) A store(s) to sell digital downloads, vids and sheet music.
    Am I write in thinking that I would need to purchase a total of 4 separate items?

    Finally, would I be able to lease/sell banner/add space on my website?



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    Jun 16, 2009
    Forgot to mention I am working on an i-mac and currently running Tiger
    Thanks again,

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    I'll get jumped on for saying this.....go look at

    Where can I send you one of my CD's..

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    hi there,
    1)well there are lots of popular sites that will sell you domain names. just search for the domain you want ie., and so on
    2)hosting there are lots some popular ones are go daddy,bravenet.
    if you want another one just search for hosting.
    3)dreamweaver,rapidweaver depends on what u want to make or why not just a simple text editor.
    4)i dont know much about selling online but just try a search many websites probably do tutorials.

    hope this helps if you need more info just send me a messege

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