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    Cannot access server via FTP
    I just recently purchased web hosting, and I'm trying to access, or rather upload and edit what is there via FTP, but can't. I have almost zero knowledge of web servers and FTP, so to say I'm lost is an understatement. I purchased a web gallery software, and the company was able to upload it to my server. The hosting company is able to access it, but I can't. I can log in and see the data that is there, but anything I attempt to do, I receive the message "access denied." I have tried both Cyberduck and FileZilla. Due to others being able to access and edit with no issue, it's clearly something on my end. I have no firewall software running, and I've been unable to find anything in System Pref. or elsewhere that would be blocking me from uploading/editing data. Any ideas?

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    you should have the login details for your control panel, go into it via browser, open file manager, public_html, look for the gallery files, click on index and you should see the url to your page
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    For most hosts all you need is an FTP program such as Filezilla. Create a new site, Host is, server type is generally FTP, logon type is normal, user is your control panel logon, password is your control panel password. That's usually all you will need. If it doesn't work check with your host and see if they require a secure FTP server connection.
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    You usually login into your site via a name like

    Some sites require your username to be extended with your site name such as;
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    if you can actually see the files but when try to add a file or modify you get an error message its probably a bug or glitch for example iweb 09 cannot write to any windows servers through ftp try and find out what your host is running

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