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    Hi - I am about to design a commercial website using Dreamweaver (8), which isn't a problem. However, the client wishes to be able to amend some of the site content themselves - including text, headers, links and images.

    I have sourced Adobe Contribute - which seems to be reasonably easy to use. Although I work on a Mac, the client will be using PCs. Is Contribute the way to go or can you recommend other, perhaps easier options for my client to use?

    My biggest concern with the client amending site content is with automatic page sizing - especially if shed-loads of text is inserted and with images, as I will have to ensure that all images uploaded by the client is automatically resized into preset image placeholders etc.

    Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated...

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    I think contribute is the way to go, especially as it integrated well with Dreamweaver templates.

    As long as you set the editable regions properly there should be little scope for error, I have installed Contribute at an employment agency I did work for.

    You can set their editing settings for images when you set up Contribute

    Adobe Contribute CS4 * Setting the Editing options in the Role Settings dialog box

    You should, however install contribute yourself and guide the client in to using the software sensibly
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    Louishen: thx for the feedback - tis appreciated.

    Will have to get up to speed with Contribute myself before recommending it to my client and will be taking a closer look at the 'setting the editing options' etc., as I'm gonna have to create some user notes for the client. Thx again.

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