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    iWeb text box background?
    So I'm working on a website in iWeb. The templates are great, but I want to make a page with a different layout than the templates offer.

    Let me start showing an image of a default page.

    So you can see there's the white box behind the text box. I can't figure out how to edit or create a box like that. As you type in the text box, and add more text to it, the length of the box automatically gets longer. But if I move the text, the box doesn't follow. I can't find any way to adjust the box... dragging, right clicking, nothing will change it.

    It's more than just creating a shape, because those don't have the same texture, and are affected by dragging.

    Please help!


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    iWeb is a little tricky when it comes to modifying pages to the degree you need, but I'm sure it can be done with some fussing around. I've noticed it is hard to select elements of the pages with any consistency. iWeb is generally designed to just be a super-basic web site builder. You may have better luck with RapidWeaver (Realmac Software - Creative Web Design Software for Macs) - it is more flexible.
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