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    Can I publish an iWeb site to an ftp server
    first off apologies if this is in a wrong section or what ever but i am new

    my problem is that when i go to publish my iweb site, it will only let me publish to mobileMe, and i have a separate ftp hosting account which i would like to publish too. Is there anyway i can publish to an ftp server?

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    There is a "Publish to a Folder" option (or something similar to that) which will "publish" all the html/js to a folder of your choosing. You can then upload those files.
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    Yeah, what vansmith said.

    However, I would not use iWeb. It creates HUGE websites (including 3 sytle sheets for each page and a folder for each page). Be careful when choosing FTP software. Avoid FileZilla. It's crappy.
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    ah yeah, thought you could save the files and do it indevidually

    thanks a lot guys

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    If you have iWeb 09, then type FTP in the help search box and follow the directions.
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    Here's an article from our support section on uploading iWeb created sites to our ftp server. They should also work with where you have a web hosting account:

    MacHighway Knowledgebase iWeb 08 Instructions

    However, I agree with iPod_Nano above. iWeb does create bulky code. I recommend RapidWeaver (Realmac Software - Creative Web Design Software for Macs) - it is very much like iWeb, but is more versatile - plus uploading via FTP is built in. The FTP feature in iWeb '09 is still problematic, even with the latest point release.

    Hopefully that was helpful.
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