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    I'm opening a tour company that specializes in cultural and desert adventure tours to Libya, and this is one of the design concepts presented.

    I was looking for a design that gives a certain ambience and character, making it an "experience."

    I'm interested in hearing constructive criticism - the site will be marketed to an affluent demographic , as "unique" tours to an exotic destination.

    I'm aware there are different schools of design- those who advocate clean, simple, designs with lots of white space, and those who like detailed, textured designs.

    What is attached is the home page only -

    The home page will have flash elements and saharan tune ( which can be turned off of course)

    The minuses in the design seem to be that the company logo is obscured and tiny, when it should be much more prominent, and the navigation could perhaps be done differently ?

    I understand design should revolve around CONTENT, so as a first impression, what is YOUR impression ?

    Feel free to ask any questions to help you give an honest assesment and feedback.

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    The interface is interesting. The typeface that is being used on the red patterned background is getting lost though.

    You need to tone the background down, or pick a typeface with better readability.

    Similar problem with the "go" in the upper right. The color of the typeface is too similar to the value of the button.

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    I think it is pretty sweet. Reminds me of Indiana Jones or something. I agree with CR though, make it easier to read. Lookin' good.

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