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    Problem with website created on iWeb
    Please forgive me if the answer to this is really basic, but I'm having difficulties sortnig this out and it's doing my head in. Basically, I have a website that I run for my football team that I have made on iWeb, which has worked really well for about 10 months now, but over the last week it has stopped showing any of the content. I believe iWeb converts everything to a .png and it is simply not showing any of the images, text etc.. that I have on the site. As I said, I put the site together on iWeb, upload it via ftp using Easy iWeb Publisher and it is hosted by 007sites. I'm not aware of having done anything differently between now and a week or so ago when I had no problems whatsoever. Any ideas? I've put a link below so if having a look at it helps I'd really appreciate any feedback anyone can offer...

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    I took a look at the broken images. Either iWeb is not exporting them properly or Easy iWeb Publisher is not uploading them properly. I'd try opening up the exported site locally in Safari and see if it looks okay. In Safari select "Open File..." from the file menu and navigate to where your site is exported to.

    If the site looks okay on your local hard drive then it was glitched during upload, so I'd try uploading it again. If it looks bad locally then it is most likely iWeb that is glitched. In that case I'd try switching templates to see if that works, and if not you may have to work from a backup copy of your iWeb site file or reset iWeb's settings and preferences. In which case I'd check out Apple's discussion forums.

    Hopefully that was helpful.
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    Hey thanks for the advice. I couldn't figure it out though still, so I have just signed up to a different host and I'm using fetch to upload the site now, which seems to be easier. I had a redirect set up from a domain name I'd bought so it wasn't too much hassle. Thanks anyway though.

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