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    Question how to find iweb freelancer designer/coder
    I am in artist management and made a 'draft' of a website using iweb, for a classical musician duo we are representing. This is an amateurish draft of the site, but all the info is there, the paths, etc. Now I want it to be turned into something professional, still using iweb (in order to facilitate updating with new photo's, videos, news etc) (lest the powers that be advise that it is silly to stay with iweb for a professional site). How do I go about finding an expert in iweb who can do the job? Where to post? What to expect in terms of charges? How to evaluate candidates?

    Many thanks!

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    I might be wrong, but in my experience no "professional" uses iWeb. iWeb is designed to be easy and fast.

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    I agree with miles0110 - no professional would be using iWeb. iWeb is only for very basic web building purposes. If you need easy updates I'd try a blog, such as Wordpress. You can make them look pretty good with the variety of themes. You can update through a web browser and there are a lot of Mac applications you can use to post updates as well. May not be what you need, but you may want to take a look.
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