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    iWeb publishing error
    I am on a G5 using OS X 10.4.11 and iWeb 1.1.2 - I have several websites on the .mac host (even since they switched to mobileme) and just this week have run into a problem. When publishing one of my websites, after updating I receive the message "There was an error updating .Mac." and my updated pages are uploaded but the page layout is off (you cannot read much of it). The pages look great in iWeb, just not once online. Any suggestions? The same problem happens when the pages are transferred to another host via ftp.

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    Since the pages look the same when published on MobileMe and on a regular web host my suspicion is that not all of the files are getting published, or exported, by iWeb. Sounds like it is not exporting some css files or graphics files. It may be that your iWeb file is glitched for that site - I am assuming that other sites done with the same copy of iWeb are working fine. However, just to clarify - when you uploaded the site via FTP did you publish to a folder on your computer and then upload, or did you move the files over from MobileMe? If you just moved the files over that were on MobileMe you would have the exact same problem - so in this case try publishing the files to your computer and then upload them.

    As for fixing the issue I am not sure what you could do other than work from a backup before the problem occurred, or in lieu of that, start over.
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