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    Dreamweaver upload problem
    i've recently got DSL with Verizon. Before i had a dialup connection and NEVER had any problems uploading my files.
    This is the first time i try to upload since i've change ISP and it's not working! I've called Verizon and they say that they use FTP (same as my old dialup) so everything in my site definition should be the same. when i click on test connection, it is succesful but when i click to get my remote files, dreaweaver bugs at "retrieving remote folder for /" . it stays there forever with nothing happening and i have to force quit the application. what the ****????
    where is the problem? i'm using an airport card to connect to my modem so i thought that might be it, but the same thing happened after i connected via etheret. i'm confused and very annoyed.
    anybody can help???

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    Got it!!
    I solved my problem!
    it was my Firewall settings!

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    Thumbs down Okay but...
    Quote Originally Posted by mag1313
    I solved my problem!
    it was my Firewall settings!
    Okay, but how GENERIC is this response? Why not tell us WHAT YOU CHANGED? HOW YOU CHANGED IT? What type of firewall so you can ACTUALLY HELP the rest of us who seem to have this exact same problem but DO NOT know anything about specific firewall settings?


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