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    Not Happy with iWebs blogging - what can I do?
    I think i did something stupid.

    I bought a URL name and I paid for a .mac membership thinking it would be the EASIEST way to get a nice looking blog up and running. I test ran all of it with iWeb and seemed to be getting what I wanted in terms of flexibility and design. I even paid a little bit of money for a nice template.

    In the past, I have used Wordpress and Typepad, but was attracted to iWeb/.mac because i could drag pics in from iPhoto and i really liked the designs i could do, etc.

    The ONE thing i am not happy with.....I don't like the looks of the iWeb blogs. I hate that the "summary" has a "feed" of plot posts where you can only see bits of each post on the main page. I want it to read like blogger, etc.

    I fixed this by just making the summary entries longer. I got things ALMOST perfect. BUT... pictures I embed in those summaries are NOT showing up (not the "main" pic, but pics throughout the post). I have googled and search and whatnot and just can't find a solution to this problem. Is this an iWeb problem or .mac problem or just ME not having the know how?

    Did i make a big mistake with .mac / iweb? Is there an easier way? I'm not so good at figuring out the xml problems on my own, i've tried to custom edit but....What are my options? Go back to Typepad? another Mac software like iWeb?

    PLease advise!

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    Personally if the only reason you used iWeb is because you can drag and drop photos from iPhoto, I think that was kind of a strange decision given that you want complete control over how your blog looks.

    I have found Wordpress to be very easy, and you have complete control over your theme. I would even suggest that you can find very visually appealing WP designs, a lot of them for free. I dont know how good your CSS skills are, but I'd consider moving back to Wordpress.

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    The best advice I could give is to export the page to a folder and edit by hand. iWeb is fairly limited in what it will allow you to do and is really only meant for people who have no idea how to do anything in terms of web design.

    Quote Originally Posted by Udjamini View Post
    The ONE thing i am not happy with.....I don't like the looks of the iWeb blogs.
    As I mentioned earlier, the limitations of iWeb are going to bother you. Try editing the code by hand to see if you can get the design you want. Whether you want to or not, if you don't go with a pre-designed solution (ie. wordpress etc.), you will likely have to edit code by hand at some point.
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    I would go back to WordPress.
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