I had the default Apache2.2 and PHP installation working on my MacBook Pro, but it stopped working at some point. I've read many online articles to try and fix this problem, but none of them have pointed out anything that I am not already doing to get PHP working again. I am completely stumped:

My basic Apache configuration appears to be working properly because I can access both of my virtual hosts in a web browser, but no php code (i.e. phpinfo()) will render. The pages are not throwing any errors, either.

In my apache configuration, I made sure that this line was uncommented: LoadModule php5_module modules/libphp5.so

I also added the line to detect the php MIME type.

A second thing that I tried to do was to install Apache/PHP/MySQL using MacPort. The installation went smoothly, and I stopped my original Apache server and created a separate script to start the 2nd installation. I updated the configuration files, etc., but I am experiencing the same issues.

Secondary Question: Is there any way for me to find out exactly which Apache/PHP/MySQL instance I am running?

Can someone help me overcome this obstacle?