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    Hi everyone,

    I'm running iWeb on my MacBook Pro. I have a personal domain, but do not have a .Mac / MobileMe account. I'm trying to figure out how to publish it to my personal domain account. I'm with Indichosts. Can someone shed some light onto the situation?
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    To publish your site using iWeb’s FTP publishing capability:

    Select the site you want to publish by clicking its name in the sidebar on the left of the iWeb window.
    In the Site Publishing Settings window that appears, choose FTP Server from the “Publish to” pop-up menu.
    Type a site name if you want.
    Provide a contact email if you want.
    If you have an Email Me button on your website, the address you provide here receives those messages.
    Enter the FTP server settings, which are provided by your hosting service.
    You can click the Test Connection button to verify that your settings are correct.
    In the Website URL field, enter your website address.
    To update your Facebook profile whenever you publish your site, select “Update my Facebook profile when I publish this site.”
    You must have a Facebook account for this to work.
    Click the Publish Site button in the toolbar at the bottom of the iWeb window.
    Only the site selected in the sidebar is published.

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